All around the globe people are claiming Honey BelleTM to be the ‘sweetest wonder of the world’.

This sweet sensation is grown in New Zealand, exclusively in sunny Hawke’s Bay the fruit bowl of New Zealand.


Honey BelleTM pears are great when eaten fresh and crunchy. The pears natural sweetness and encouraging health properties also makes the Honey BelleTM a superb extra in any kid’s lunch box. It is considered by many parents to be a healthy alternative to snack food, that doesn’t end up in the bin!


Honey BelleTM pears are very nutritious and offer a natural source of energy due to high amounts of fructose and glucose.

They have also been proven to be:

  • a good source of vitamin C and fibre
  • a good source of anitoxidants, and
  • a good source of potassium

As healthy eating is becoming a high priority for many, Honey BelleTM pears can be seen as a great tasting way to reach your daily fruit requirement and lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.

"Crisp and sweet, ready to eat"

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